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Sunny was born into a wealthy family, she could do whatever she wants and her parents were too busy in their business than bothering her on what she. She used to having selfbondage in her house to spice up her life but she was unsatisfied with it and decided to add some thrill in her life before graduating by performing a selfbondage in school, risking herself of being caught red handed by other. She spent some time to observe and found that the female locker room will be empty on the Friday night and the guard will never bother to check on the room. So she decided to have a some private little games in the locker on the coming Friday where her parents will be on a business trip for a week and will not have anytime to bother her.
She pulled out her recent bought armbinder leotard which was tailored one size smaller than her size. The suit was made of some material similar to lycra but was tougher but not so stretchable and she has struggle to put on the suit. An instead of lace for the
:iconakabane85:Akabane85 198 20

Which pictures would you like to see when I don't have a story ready? (Top 3 will be posted) 

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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am a big anime fan, having started when I was a kid with the likes of Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball. Now I have a wild library of anime DVDs and manga. I read a lot on line but I still buy my favorites.

I made my DA account years ago just to keep my settings, and didn't do much in terms of watching for favoring until later. Sometimes I would comment. It wasn't until February of 2016 that I started posting stories. I like making characters up. LEGOs were amusing my favorite toys growing up and we made up our own character, mostly based on cartoon character, but we got more creative as time went on. Now if only I can find my box of LEGOs.

In our teen years my brother and I started working on our own stories. This never went anywhere as we mostly just liked making up characters and their backstories without putting much effort into writing the story itself. In 2016 I got back into writing and even reused a character from my teen years, changing her a bit since then.

I am into role play, mostly master/slave, where I play the top. I have been known to do a few others as well, but mostly stick with BDSM. One of my long running role plays shares a universe with some of my stories here on DA. Originally I was going to write three stories set in the same shared universe, now called Trivium, after warming up with a few Nancy in the Box chapters. However I ended up making a number of stories that had nothing to do with it.

While I do give llamas for llamas, I don't do watch backs. Please don't ask me to watch you as I find that rude. I visit all of my watchers at least once and if I like your gallery I may watch you, but not if I'm asked. I like to keep my watch list small. Sorry.
A bit of a rant/info dump about one of the settings for my stories set in the Trivium Universe. I plan to draw up floor plans for it, but first a bit of backstory.

Topaz Tower is the primary home of Lilly Smith. I originally made it as the setting for a roleplay back in 2011, but it has since grown into something more complex. Back then, I hadn't put too much thought into it. I likely came up with a tower due to a web comic I used to read called Minion. Unfortunately, when the host site had some issues for a few weeks, the artist stopped updating.

Originally, the role play was simple, just Lilly enslaving and playing with a succubus she summoned. However, the roleplay got a bit more complex. After :iconyumekuribayashi: joined, more and more characters were added. She started playing as multiple characters, not just the Kuribayashi family but a few of their friends as well. Eventually, I too added more characters. At first, it was unnamed maids, but I started getting more inventive with them.

This also required the tower to become larger and more complex. I was able to get away a bit with having miniature resorts in the basement. I got the idea from the Negima! manga, where they had a large glass sphere with a scaled-down building inside. Its magic then shrank them down and transported them inside so they could make full use of a large building and open sky in the basement of a cottage. Lilly has a few for different reasons, such as a forest arena or farmland. She now has a lot of mouths to feed.

As Lilly's harem grew into a small army, this required the tower to become larger as well. The building is still called Topaz Tower, even though it's more like a castle at this point. I could make the argument for keeping the name the way it is by stating it was originally a tower when she first built it, but she then expanded it.

My first description of the tower was that it was six stories tall with a one-story wall surrounding it, standing in the middle of a forest. It had two knight statues by the front door that I forgot about. Now, I should make the tower thicker then I originally planned, maybe taller as well. There would also be a few additional add-ons.

I recently decided to map out the building. However, that is no small task. I need to make a list of every type of room it would have and how they fit together. Like the TARDIS, the tower is bigger on the inside, but not by as much. This, of course, would make it harder to map out. In the RP, I stated that Lilly expanded the dining room in preparation for a party she was hosting. This means the rooms inside the tower aren't always consistent in size, and can be altered to Lilly's whims, even without taking space from the other rooms. I still wish to place limits on how much bigger on the inside the tower is.

The tower itself is located in a forest owned by Lilly. It is recognized as its own independent territory by the three countries it shares a border with. Its location was chosen because of crossing leylines, the multiple rifts to other worlds, and the fact no one was using it. The forest had a number of monsters Lilly had to clear out when she settled there. It is also located close enough to a few villages that she could buy supplies from. She now has a number of properties, but lives mainly at Topaz Tower because of the trade routes she has established over the years.

In both the RP and my stories, I had spoken of a number of rooms that would have to be in the floor plans. For example, the dungeon is a regular setting in the RP and first appears in Rock Hard Convictions after Carlotta's capture and is stated to be underground. You can expect to see more of that location in later stories. There is also the vault Armor and Kana live in, as shown after the events of All that Glitters. That location isn't stated as well, but like all of Lilly's vaults, its location is hidden and only a handful of her slaves know where they are.

I needed to write down a list of all the rooms in the tower so I can reference them when drawing the floor plans. I may also draw map of the forest later.

Lilly's room. Akiko's room. Slave dormitories. The baths. Guest rooms. The bird's nest. The trophy room. The back trophy room. Lilly's study. The treasure room/vault. The armory. The magical weapons vault. The extra-secret vault and its guard room. The gallery. The warrior gallery. The dining room. The kitchen, pantry, and walk-in freezer. The main hall. The parlor and stage. The dungeon. The dungeon cells and individual holding cells. The dungeon bedroom. The throne room or whatever comes close. The potions lab, forgery, and other workshops. The fairy room. General storage rooms. The mermaid tanks. The terrarium room. Closets and wardrobes. The gym and dojo. Recreation rooms. The mausoleum. Underground tunnels. And likely a few other rooms I have forgotten about or haven't thought of yet.

At the time of posting this, I haven't started drawing the tower yet, so I am willing to listen to suggestions on what the tower could use. You could think of this place as something akin to Hogwarts, only maybe not as big. I will have issues with how some of the rooms fit in there. For example, Hogwarts has the room of requirement, which seems to be there and not there at the same time, changing sizes depending on what is needed.

If this works out, I may move on to drawing a map of the surrounding forest and Maplevale Mansion. I don't think I will be drawing the city of Starcoast as of yet, as that would be too complicated and I haven't fully fleshed it out yet. I may need to add more locations to it as the stories demand. Still, Smith Magicworks and the Cheerful Fairy might get floor plans as well.


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